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About maserobbiee

Robbie, better known as "Maserobbiee," joined the Hurricane team in January 2012 as a DJ and MC and quickly established himself as one of the most requested event entertainers. Robbie was always the life of the party as his family gatherings growing up, so it's no surprise that he began DJing at an early age. "I was glued to the dance floor or behind the DJ booth, annoying the DJ asking what he was doing," he says. "For my 8th-grade graduation, my father and mother got me my first DJ set up, and from that point on, I was hooked." From there, Robbie started to DJ small backyard parties and small events for family and friends. That experience got him in the door with a local DJ company, and a few years later, he picked up a mic and started MCing. Over the years, Robbie has been involved in some of Hurricane's most memorable events, like Club DM and Rutgers Dance Marathon, as well as countless weddings and sweet 16s. Robbie is best known for his mic skills and energy. You might even recognize him from his 2016 appearance on MTV's Real World Bad Blood.
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