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Spiro is a recent Rutgers undergraduate with a huge passion for science and music. When he isn't in the lab, Spiro loves to DJ. Playing the Clarinet, Saxophone, and Ukulele in school bands was a huge part of Spiro's life growing up. Going into college, he needed a new performing outlet and so his DJing career began! Being the friend that always had the aux cord in the car, Spiro understands well what genres certain crowds enjoy. Whether it's Hip-Hop or EDM, Spiro knows what songs will get the party going!

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Hip Hop Anthems

By |Hip-Hop, Late Night, Rap|

The secret recipe is out! The key to making any parter a hit! Tired of not knowing the lyrics to a song? Well good news, you'll know EVERY lyric to these songs. DJ Spyro guides you through years of Hip Hop Anthems. Perfect for making your guests jump and sing all night long!

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